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Last Name
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This should be the number we can call the day of the wedding in the event we are having trouble finding your location.
Travel Fees for the Twin Cities Area *
Our standard rate of $35/artist is charge for every 30 minutes that our artists travel from our St Paul studio to your desired location for makeup and/or hair. This fee is for our artists time to leave our studio, their gas as well as any parking fees that could incur.
Travel Fees for Surrounding Areas and Out of State *
For weddings outside of the Twin Cities area, we charge the standard business mileage rate roundtrip set by the IRS for that year. .54 cents per mile (2017) plus $15/hr for each artist that is needed for your wedding party. If your wedding is more then 2 hours from our St Paul studio, we require that our artists are put up in a hotel the night before your wedding to avoid any possibly issues with arriving on time due to weather, traffic or any other unforeseen events. A hotel is also required if our artists have to leave our St. Paul location before 6am to arrive to the destination on time. The reason again for this is to insure everything runs smoothly for your wedding day due to any unplanned events preventing us from being on time.
Artist Schedules *
Tanner J Artists may be booked on up to 4 weddings in a give day. (Some weddings are bride only) Our artists are booked for up to 3 hours worth of services with 15 mins before to set up and 1 hour at the end for clean up and last min services. Artists are not booked for any additional weddings for another hour after that, plus travel time. This makes it so that there is no way they can run behind and also so that they may be able to eat before their next booking. Additional fees may incur if you need your party done in a shorter amount of time.
Schedule *
The schedule that you find on your private webpage is very basic and only meant to show you how long all the services are and when to tell your bridal party and mothers to arrive. On the day of the event, your bridal party can go in any order that you see fit. This will be left up to you. If you prefer, you may send us a schedule with names to replace Bride, BM, Mom, & FG. We usually like to leave this very general as you may find that mom may need to run a last min errand or you (bride) my want to go first due to nerves! We never know exactly how the wedding morning will go down!
Quotes *
Quotes are good for 20 days.
Payments *
Retainer of 50% of total amount is required to book your wedding (not including trial-run). Retainers book all artists needed and are non-refundable. Your remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to wedding if paying by check. If paying by credit card, balance is due 2 days prior to wedding date. We no longer accept individual payments from the bridal party.
Services *
The obligations of Tanner J and assistants become null and void when others perform any modifications to services provided. Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs will become an additional cost over and above the original quotation. With that being said, we would very much like to make any corrections that you would like to have done to your makeup and hair. Please tell your bridal party that they will not hurt our feelings. We much prefer for them to be happy with their looks.
Dead Trip/Late Fee *
Client agrees to indemnify Tanner J and/or assistants. Client agrees to pay a $150.00/artist dead-trip charge if Client fails to perform. Failure to pay when due will result in reasonable collection costs and reasonable attorney fees paid by Client. $35.00 fee on each returned check or charge. A $35.00 late fee will be imposed per month on any outstanding balance(s). All agreements are contingent upon accidents or delays beyond our control.
Gratuity *
An industry standard 18% gratuity will be added to all on-site weddings for your convenience.
Last Minute and Same Day Service *
IF we have time to take any last minute services on your wedding day, please note that we accept cash or credit card only. We do not accept personal checks. Since your bridal party is not likely to read over this agreement form we ask that you make them aware of this policy.
Late to Appointment Policy *
On your password protected website, we will provide you with a schedule for makeup and/or hair with our artists. Once this is approved by you, we ask that you share this with your bridal party. Many times, the bridal party will help with set up of the venue which sometimes is at the same time as makeup and hair. Please note that anyone who is late to their appointment with us will be charged a $15 late fee per 15 minutes that they are late.
In the event of a sickness or accident on the part of Tanner J or his artists, you will be provided with a suitable replacement for the day of your wedding.