Airbrush Makeup

Estimated 45 minute appointment


Regular Makeup

Estimated 45 minute appointment


Eyes Only

(Includes eyeshadow, liner, and mascara)

Estimated 25 minute appointment


*cannot be combined with Airbrush Only

Airbrush Only

(includes contour and blush)

*cannot be combined with Eyes Only

Estimated 20 minute appointment


Lashes Only

(Includes lashes, flawless eyeliner, and mascara)

Estimated 10 minute appointment


Touchup Bag

(Includes a Makeup by Nicole Fae lipgloss, powder, and bag)


Hair Style

(Estimated 30 Minute Session, does not include braids or pins)

*$20 to add extensions (extensions provided by client)



(Estimated 45 Minute Session)



$35 - $50 (Estimated 45 min session)

Client must arrive with clean damp hair.
+ $25 to add extensions (extensions provided by client)

*$20 to add extensions (extensions provided by client)

**Travel $35 per artist (up to 30 minutes from St. Paul location)

**Additional travel fees may apply if location is outside of the metro area.


*Travel fees for wedding day services are included into on-site prices and package prices. On-site services and packages include travel for up to 30 miles from studio address. A $35.00 charge per artist per 30 miles will be added to events 31+ miles from studio. Travel rates are $35 per artist/stylist up to 30 miles. Add $35 per artist/stylist per 30 extra miles traveled. Travel fees only valid for Minnesota weddings. 


*Travel rates for LA, Chicago and Wisconsin are based on individual cases. Please inquire for more information.

*Tanner J and artists book up to 3 events a day and spend a maximum time of 4 hours with any wedding party.

* Quotes valid for 20 days.

* Prices subject to change at any time and are non-negotiable. Prices are locked in at time of booking with deposit, excluding travel fees.

*Cash, and credit card via PayPal and Square are accepted.

* Deposit of half of total amount is required to book wedding. Deposits book Tanner J and assistants and are non-refundable.

*If paying with credit card via PayPal or Square, remaining balance is due 2 days prior to wedding date.

*The obligations of Tanner J and assistants become null and void when others perform any modifications to services provided. Any alteration or deviation from above specifications involving extra costs will become an additional cost over and above the original quotation. Pricing subject to material and labor increases.

*If services are reduced to 6 or fewer after locking in other artist(s) bride or bridal party must pay each additional artist a $100 cancellation fee.

*Client is aware that makeup products are not waterproof. Sweating or crying may result in alteration of original application.

*Client agrees to indemnify Tanner J and/or assistants. Client agrees to pay a $50.00 dead-trip charge if Client fails to perform. Failure to pay when due will result in reasonable collection costs and reasonable attorney fees paid by Client. $35.00 fee on each returned check or charge. A $35.00 late fee will be imposed per month on any outstanding balance(s). All agreements are contingent upon accidents or delays beyond our control.

* An industry standard 18% gratuity will be added to all on-site weddings for your convenience.

* In the event of a sickness or accident on the part of Tanner J, Tanner J will find a suitable replacement for the day of your wedding.

*We provide a schedule to our brides in advance for the wedding day. Once this is approved by the bride, we ask that you share this with your bridal party. If one of your artists has to wait for that 10 minutes for a member of the bridal party to show up there will be a $25 charge (per every 30 minutes per person) additional fee charged on the day of for the artists time.