Hi Artists! Thank you for helping out with this wedding! I hope everyone had a great time! 

Below is all the information you need for the wedding date. 

Payment will be sent within 10 business days of the wedding either by Wells Fargo Sure Pay or a written check, whichever you prefer.


Click on the map image on the right and it will open Google Maps in your phone for directions.

If that doesn't work, the address is: 2920 220th St E, Prior Lake, MN 55372



*please note that these schedules are only guidelines, we will go by whomever is ready. Please record the services you do so you can get paid accurately.

Arrival/Setup Time: 9:45-10am

Finish by: 100pm

Formal Photos Start Time: 200pm

Ceremony Start Time: 5pm


Tanner J

Touchups - 1230pm - 100pm

Bride - Makeup w/ Lashes and Updo 11am - 1230pm

BM - Eyes Only 1030am - 11am

BM - Eyes Only 10am - 1030


BM - Makeup w/ Lashes 1215pm - 1pm

BM - Makeup w/ Lashes 1130am - 1215pm

BM - Makeup w/ Lashes 1045am - 1130am

BM - Just Eyes 1020am - 1045am

BM - Just Eyes 10am - 10:20am


BM - Updo 1215pm - 1pm

BM - Updo 1130am - 1215pm

BM - Hairstyle (no pins or braids) 11am - 1130am

BM - Hairstyle (no pins or braids) 1030am - 11am

BM - Flower Girl 10am - 1030am


BM - Updo 1215pm - 1pm

BM - Hairstyle (no pins or braids) 1130am - 1215pm

BM - Hairstyle (no pins or braids) 11am - 1130am

BM - Airbrush Makeup 1030am - 11am

BM - Just Eyes 10am - 1030am

Please fill out the form below with the services that you performed at this wedding.
*payment will not be processed until the form is completed

Pro Tip! Keep this form open on your phone so you can fill it out while you are working. 

Name *
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Bridal Party Makeup Services Performed
Bridal Party Hair Services Performed
Hair length falls from bottom of shoulder blades and below *Also applies to extra thick moderate length hair.
Hair length falls between shoulders and bottom of shoulder blades.
Hair length falls between jawline and shoulders.
Hair length falls to jawline and above.
Prep and Finish Hair
Additional Information
This is where you can tell me anything you might need to.

Thank you for your hard work!

Tanner J